The Pattern of Ocular Abnormalities in Childhood Chronic Renal Failure

Aamir Jalal Al Mosawi*
Department of Pediatrics, P.O. Box 70025, Al Kadhimiyia, Baghdad, Iraq

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Few literatures reported the pattern of ocular abnormalities in chronic renal failure (CRF). The aim of this paper is to determine the pattern of ocular abnormalities in childhood CRF.

Patients and Methods:

From January 1993 to July 2007, 80 patients with a diagnosis of chronic renal failure (CRF) were observed at the University Hospital in Al Kadhimiyia. They were examined to determine the presence of ocular abnormalities. Fifty one patients were males (63.75%) and 29 (36.25%) were females. The male-female ratio was 1.75, and the age at referral ranged from 2 months to 18 years (mean 9 years).


Corneal cystine crystals were the most common ocular abnormalities associated with childhood CRF observed in 6 patients with Nephropathic cystinosis (7.5%). Congenital cataract and glaucoma were the second most common ocular abnormality; observed in 3 patients (3.75%) with Oculo-cerebro-renal syndrome (OCRS).


Ocular abnormalities are relatively common in childhood CRF occurring in approximately 19%.

Keywords : Eye abnormalities, children, renal failure.